Viatical Settlements: A wonderful opportunity for life insurance agents and financial planners.

A terminal illness can devastate and destroy families by depleting all financial resources. Even worse, the person is stripped of all control and dignity.

Today, with the help of Individual Benefits, there is an alternative. Now, a person with cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, HIV or other severe chronic and life-threatening illnesses can sell their life insurance policy for cash.

More and more companies, associations and institutions can now offer this benefit to their employees and members. Now you can present this benefit to your corporate and individual clients.

Individual Benefits has helped thousands of individuals find the best solution to their financial problems. As one of the most respected Viatical Settlement firms in the nation, we negotiate the greatest possible benefits, without charging any fees.

Each year two million Americans are diagnosed with a terminal illness, even more have chronic illnesses. Generally these illnesses are financially devastating and will eventually keep people from being able to work. But still the every day expenses have to be paid. These funds are often used to pay medical bills, purchase medicine or other treatments that could prolong the patient's life. Others use the funds to aquire the car they always wanted or a dream house for their loved ones.

Even those individuals with larger financial resources may need our services. A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association showed that 30% of all families depleted their life savings while battling a terminall illness.

Chances are, some of your clients or members of their families may face this crisis now or sometime in the future. Fortunately, almost every policy, including federal government (FEGLI), veterans and group life policies can qualify for a viatical settlement. For more information, please go to

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