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Individual Benefits

Life Insurance Benefits for the Living Insured

The Secondary Market for Life Settlements

At Individual Benefits, we provide a unique financial service to policyholders to use their life insurance policy as a liquid financial asset. A life settlement involves the sale or transference of an existing life insurance policy in exchange for compensation, monetary or otherwise. It is an invaluable service for those in need of financial assistance or a convenient alternative for senior individuals to re-assess their estate planning situation.
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How much can you get from a life settlement?

The amount you will receive in a life settlement reflects the discounted future value of your life insurance proceeds. There are several important factors in this “present value” amount computation. These factors include the health condition of the insured, the annual cost of maintaining premium payments, and a discount rate.

When should a life settlement be considered?

  • When a Key Man of an Organization Retires
  • When Considering Purchasing New Insurance Coverage, Such as Long-Term Care Coverage
  • When Life Insurance Premiums Become Too Expensive to Continue
  • When Re-Evaluating Your Estate Planning
  • When the Policy May Be Approaching a Lapse
  • When There Is a Change in Your Health Condition

Why choose us?

Individual Benefits is one of the most broadly recognized life settlement firms in the USA. Since 1992, we have had excellent relations with the most prominent and secure investment sources, providing unparalleled leverage to negotiate on your behalf.
With Individual Benefits, you can count on the highest level of service and integrity. Call us today so we can get started.
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