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The best way to approach the viatical and senior life settlement business is to do what you are best suited for: establish business relationships. As with any business, you need a source for your product, a center for operations, and an effort to reach the consumer. With Individual Benefits at your side, a professional, well-established firm performs the sourcing and operations function. All you need to do is prospect.
The communication task is to inform and motivate members of your business network. More people are becoming aware of viatical and senior life settlements, and networking in this field is very time-sensitive.
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Insured Senior Citizens

Seniors represent the fastest-growing demographic in the nation. Insured seniors are often willing to consider exiting their premium obligation for an acceptable settlement.
Retiring businesspeople often have sizeable key-man life insurance policies no longer needed. The most efficient way to assist these insured seniors is through networking. Seniors often revise their assets holdings, including the amount and need for life insurance coverage, with an Estate Planner or Attorney.
Our life insurance agents can network with other agents to determine which policyholders fit the age and health criteria necessary to qualify for a senior life settlement. A senior must be at least 65 years old with a life-shortening condition or, if relatively healthy, at least 76 years old.

Insured terminally-ill patients

The best way to contact terminally-ill insureds is through networking with support groups, employee benefits administrators, medical support personnel, and insurance agents. These professionals often become aware of the insured’s situation when their premium payment falters or a client requests financial help.
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Where would you market our services?

Our product is a perfect addition for any employee benefit outline and is accessible to any benefit administrator. All you do is make the information available to the benefits administrator.
  • Cancer Organizations
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  • Estate Planning Professionals